Celebrities in Summer Styles

Floral designs and huge prints are the hallmark of this summer. Here's a look at how our celebs flaunt it...

Amrita Rao_FilmyFun.blogspot.com

Amrita looks chic in this dress
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Riya Sen_FilmyFun.blogspot.com

Riya Sen is always too hot to handle and in this floral print salwar she looks smoking hot.


Earthy colours and floral prints - isn't that the way to beat the heat?

Yana Gupta_FilmyFun.blogspot.com

Yana Gupta looks cool in this. Don't you think so?

Kim Kardashian_FilmyFun.blogspot.com

Even Kim Kardashian cannot stay away from this printed dress


A flower says it all. And a bright sunny coloured dress.


Block prints - bright flowers. Doesn't she look pretty?

What_a_Filmy dress_FilmyFun.blogspot.com

A dash of colours splattered all over. Here is how you can cheer it all up.

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