Hottest Wives of Bollywood

The wives of Bolllywood stars no longer stand under the shadows of their husbands' fame. Infact, star wives today do every bit to create their individual identity. They want to be known more for what they are than as a certain superstar's wife. We take a look at some of such wives who are known even without the mention of their husbands' name and fame. Here is the 10 Hottest Wives of Bollywood story...

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1-Gauri Khan

gauri khan hottest wife of

If SRK is King Khan, Gauri is no less a queen. With her poise and elegance she commands respect wherever she goes. Despite being Shah Rukh Khan's wife, she has maintained her individuality and has established her own identity which makes her smoking hot.

2-Sussane Roshan

sussane roshan hottest wife of

With her exotic looks she looks perfectly paired with her Greek God-ish husband. The most substantial part is that she has always stood by Hrithik like a rock and it is her who gets more visibly upset when her hubby fails to win an award.

3-Twinkle Khanna

twinkle khanna hottest wife of

Twinkle didn't have a great filmy career but is having a dream run as a star wife. She is considered to be one of the most stylish woman in the country and her wardrobe is to kill for.

4-Tanya Deol

tanya deol hottest wife of

Tanya is Bobby Deol's wife and has always made her presence felt despite her quiet ways. She too is high on style like her counterparts and is often seen at various social events.

5-Aishwarya Rai

aishwarya rai hottest wife of

Needs no introduction here. Aishwarya may be a top notch actress but she knows how to make a home. She always keeps her husband smiling which is the sign of a great wife.

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