Salman’s Special Wish for Aishwarya

How Aishwarya's ex-boyfriend Salman replied to Big B's tweet about her pregnancy news. Salman’s special wish for Aishwarya ha ha ha, Do you know Salman’s dream for Abhi-Ash??? Check Out...

Salman Khan has always maintained a distance from the Bachchans considering his tiff with the Bachchan bahu, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Now with the good news about Ash’s pregnancy the whole nation is showering the couple with blessing and wishes.
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Big B had received 2,843 tweets in half an hour of him tweeting about the good news. But one congratulatory note has come as a big surprise and is a special one as it comes from Salman Khan.

“Many many congratulations to dada (Big B). I pray that Ash and Abhishek prepare for a whole cricket team,” says Salman.

It seems that Salman is now trying to forget his past and move on with his bachelorism. Whatever be Salman’s motive but it will now be interesting to see how the Bachchans reaction.

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