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Whether its creating trends or fashion disasters, Bollywood always seems to be on top of the game. Bollywood stars always have a story behind their success at the silver screen. While some have struggled on the streets, others seem to have done the same in a gym. These celebrities have only had to shed some pounds in order to propel their careers forward and most have reaped in remakable results. Check Out this celebs drama...

bollywood dramatic celebrities weight
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1-Kareena Kapoor

kareena kapoor bollywood hot

Kareena silenced those who criticized her for being fat. She shocked the nation with her drastic weight loss and her size zero frame was the talk of the town for quite a while. Who cares about rumours of her eating disorders or fainting spells when the end result was so fantastic. Kareena's new fitness took her career to dizzying heights and, today, she is the most sought after actress in B-town.

2-Zarine Khan

zarine khan bollywood hot

This Bollywood babe was not only fat but obese in her teenage days She was no less than a hundred kilos before she decided to cut the flab.The real Zarine came out and she impressed Salman Khan and landed a princessy role in 'Veer'. She did not rise to the top like Kareena but at least she got the opportunity to enter Bollywood.

3-Sonakshi Sinha

sonakshi sinha bollywood hot

Shotgun Jr. weighed a hefty 90 kgs before she signed 'Dabangg'. For her feminine role Sonakshi dropped down to 60 kilos. Sonakshi has gone on to lose a lot more weight and is now ultra slim and very hot, we might add.

4-Sonam Kapoor

sonam kapoor bollywood hot

Sonam was too busy to lose weight while assisting Sanjay Bhansali in his direction. She was a happy plumpy girl before Bhansali decided that he wanted Sonam as his lead in 'Saawariya'. This called for drastic weight loss on Sonam's part and that she did with perfection. With her lean and fit body and her amazing dressing sense, Sonam is the leading fashionista in the country.


asin bollywood hot

We all know that Southern actresses are usually voluptous, and Asin was no exception When she entered Bollywood her weightiness showed on screen which must not have been very flattering. Slowly but steadily, she started shedding those extra pounds and he results are great. With this dedication, we're sure that Asin will be on of those with the best bodies in the industry.

6-Sameera Reddy

sameera reddy bollywood hot

Sameera was always someone with a fuller body and many admired her sexy curves. But slowly she started gaining quite a lot of weight (which we think is due to lack of film offers) which led her to hit the gym with a vengeance. Sameera showed off her toned body at a recent fashion show and we all think she looks marvellous in her new avatar.

7-Sushmita Sen

sushmita sen bollywood hot

One cannot really point fingers at diva Sushmita Sen for her awful weight gain. With two children to look after, several broken relationships behind her and hardly any Bollywood projects, one obviously loses the desire towards fitness or anything else. But Sushmita thankfully regained her slim frame and got back to her majestic self.

8-Shruti Hassan

shruti hassan bollywood hot

In case you didn't know, Shruti Hassan was quite a plump baby. She was cheerfully fat during her younger days and looked a far cry of the skinny picture that we see of her today. Beginning from her very first film, Shruti's frame has been slim and lanky without a trace of fat around her.

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