Deepika Padukone-Siddharth Chemistry

Siddharth and Deepika were spotted together at the 2011 kingfisher Calender launch recently. Though there are no confirmed reports that both are romantically involved, it's obvious from these pictures that Junior Malya is smitten over by the Bollywood diva's charm. Take a look!

Uff teri ada! Deepika is busy talking to another guest while Sid can't think about anything but staring at her!

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All smiles...Have to admit that both share an awesome chemistry.

Deepika and Sid share a quite moment together as others are busy partying.

Excuse me Sid, are you aware of what's happening around you?

Seems like Deepika has moved on. In fact, she is happier than ever before post her break up with Ranbir. Now the question is, how long the 'Sid' factor is gonna last. Let's wait and see...

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