Bollywood Actresses in Present and Past

Most of our B-Town stars get better with age, though not all of them. katrina and Bipasha keep getting gorgeous; What do you think? Have your say by going through these nostalgic photos.

Fatrina! Sorry, we are not talking about Zarine Khan here. See how Kat used to look like a couple of years back. The gorgeous lady vehemently denies of taking botox injections for her lips, but do you owe an explanation about your fuller lips Kat!

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From then to now, Bips' appeal has increased ten-fold we believe.

This cute bubbly girl transformed into a gorgeous diva and has a promising career and plenty of years ahead of her. What else does a star need?

We used to love this chirpy 'girl next door' with lush eye-brows and a great smile. Even after many years, our love for her hasn't changed a bit.

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