2010: A Year of Celebrities Break Ups

Lewis_Hamilton_and_Nicole_Scherzinger_break_up_Filmy Fun

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger. Theirs was a relationship which was colourful and bright. Nicole was there to cheer Hamilton during his every race. But then, things started going wrong and by the time Hamilton's spokesperson announced the break up, it was something which did not come as a shock to many.

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David_Arquette_and_Courteney_Cox_break_up_Filmy Fun

Ending eleven years of marriage can be heart breaking. And when it was David Arquette and Courteney Cox deciding to go separate ways, it sure kicked up some mess. Was there a third person involved? We are waiting for a clear picture...

Sandra_Bullock_Jesse_James_break_up_Filmy Fun

We all know why Sandra Bullock broke up with Jesse James. But here's the latest... we heard she is been seen with a new guy...

Miley_and_Liam_break_up_Filmy Fun

Well, when Miley broke up with Liam, there was nothing new to it. Or so thought everyone. But there was a difference this time...

Tiger_Woods_break_up_Filmy Fun

Tiger Woods really ran into lots of trouble this year. And, we are sure you have heard all about it.

Heidi_Montag__break_up_Filmy Fun

Heidi's twitter status said it all “I am not Heidi Pratt, I am Heidi Montag.” She claims she wants to focus on career, but there are gossips doing round that it was because of all the bad press Spencer was getting......

Perfect_couple_Filmy Fun

They were a perfect couple. But then, things can't remain picture perfect all the time. And announcing the end of their seven years of married life, both have said that it is by mutual consent.
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